Mommy is not okay

Why must we be so strong all the time? This is the question I ask myself all the time. How many times have you had a hard day and tell your kids I’m okay? Doesn’t matter if you are sick, pissed or crying you always say I’m okay.

Why? Sometimes I’m not okay!

You know what? Sometimes my kids are not okay. I want them to express that they are tired or crabby. They can tell me if they need space or a big hug.

For a very long time I hid all my emotions. Not just from my kids but from the world. I would hold all my feeling inside to the point of having stomach pains even as a child. That is the last thing I want for my girls.

Kids need to see emotions and more importantly see how you handle and get through them. My kids know I go to therapy and practice yoga. If we are all having a bad day just have a dance party to let it all out.

My girls have seen me crying and ask what’s wrong and I tell them. Not in great detail or anything, just I had a rough day or I’m not feeling well. They give me a giant hug and I start to feel better. Even when I try to hide it they know might as well be honest about it.

My kids know I get angry argue with their dad sometimes. They also see how we get through that and then are okay. I’m not saying you need to involve your kids in every break down or emotion you have. I just feel it’s healthy for mommy to say I’m not okay sometimes.

I don’t want them to grow up being afraid to show emotion like I was. I want them to response correctly to someone who is having a hard time. Be a helpful and caring person in this world.

It is okay to feel all your feelings. It is okay to say your not okay. Take a breath and let out some of those emotions. I promise in the end you will feel better.










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