Getting back on track

Getting off track is so easy. All it took for me was two weeks of sickness. Both my girls and I were sick at some point over the past couple weeks. As any mom knows you don’t get to rest when your sick.

For two weeks it was long days and nights that sucked the life out of me. By the time we were all better I was still exhausted. Part of that was because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was busy taking care of everyone else.

I didn’t notice I stopped yoga because I was trying to sleep or clean every free minute I had. I didn’t notice I wasn’t eating right or hardly at all.

Most important I didn’t notice what a funk I was in. I was stressed and depressed, it took me a while to fully notice how bad I was.

Nothing is harder than getting back to your good habits. I started by getting sleep, as soon as the girls went to bed so did I. After a couple days of that I went grocery shopping and bought all healthy food.

I need to back to nature go for a walk and get some vitamin D. Lastly I am currently yelling at myself to start yoga again. It is so hard to back a good habit. As they say it is easier to break a habit than to make a habit.

I feel like crap knowing I lost my progress and was fine with it for a while. I just walked around in a funk eating crap. It was way easier to not deal with anything and be lazy.

My physical and mental self do not agree with my laziness. I’m snapping at everyone, I can’t concentrate my anxiety is high again. I need to take a breath and get to work. I am worth the effort to live healthy. I am worth making and keeping these good habits. Take minute to look at yourself and make sure you are taking care of you, because you are worth it.

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