Am I a bad mom?

Everyone has probably asked themselves this question before. Are you too strict or too lenient? Do I let them watch t.v. too much? Are they outside enough?

There are just too many factors that go into judgment of yourself. I have stressed about this too much, I’m done.

Are my kids healthy, clean and happy? Yes! Do we watch too much t.v. sometimes? Yes! Do I loose my temper and yell when I should be calm sometimes? Yes! Do we have awesome dance parties when we should be getting ready for bed? Yes!

There is always room for improvement. I will always continue to work on myself to be a better mom. I try to also focus on the good that I do with my kids. My kids are amazing and realize when I am having a bad day.

In fact if I’m sick or just admit I’m crabby, they tend to be better for me. We are entirely too hard on ourselves. You are doing a good job. You are a good mom. Your kids love you! So just take a breath we all have bad days. Don’t kill yourself with guilt. No one is a perfect parent. Love your kids and do the best you can.

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