Beautiful all on your own

My 5-year-old Hailey is a full on girlie girl. She loves dressing up and getting her nails painted. Also, she has recently discovered that she likes makeup. Now of course I’m not letting her wear makeup daily. If we are home she likes to play in her own kids makeup set. This does blow my mind because I don’t wear much makeup or jewelry and I don’t dress up much.

She is her own person and I love it. We recently went through a faze where she thought she wasn’t pretty without all the extras. We had to take a break from it all until she could see how beautiful she is. She did get through that.

Fast forward a couple months and we are having a girls night. I was doing their hair and painting nails. Hannah my 3-year-old was playing with some old lipstick of mine.

Later that night when getting ready for bed I went to wash her face. She started to cry and said she wasn’t pretty without it, here we go again. I told her mommy doesn’t wear makeup, does she think I’m pretty? She said yes mommy is pretty but still she seemed upset.

Hailey to the rescue on this one. She said “Hannah you are pretty without makeup, nails painted or the clothes you wear. You don’t need anything to be pretty you are beautiful all on your own.” This melted my heart I was happy to hear she had been listening to me.

All of this prompted a new tradition in our house. We all take turns standing on a stool and naming one thing we like about ourselves. It can be a personality trait, looks or a good deed you did that day.

The girls give some funny answers but, I love doing it. I also must do it along with their dad. If someone is having a hard day and cannot think of anything they like, everyone else will name something they like about that person.

My hope is that I’m helping them with self confidence, being a girl is hard. Also to see there are things to like about themselves other than their looks. I never thought I would need to deal with this with them so young. Just in case someone else is dealing with this just take a breath they are okay and you are not alone in dealing with this.

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